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Magical Maidens | December 2022


MAGICAL MAIDENS: A Grayscale Portrait Coloring Book of Fairies, Princesses, Mermaids & More!


Jennifer has amassed a unique and creative body of pencil portrait work over the past few years. This collection of folklore characters such as fairies, princesses and mermaids, plus steampunk and fantasy women is a compilation of her very favorite hand-drawn GRAYSCALE (shaded line-art) illustrations! If you've never tried using grayscale, now is the time!

Jennifer developed this book to provide her followers with the best quality grayscale images to achieve optimum results! “Following the grays” easily prompts artists to learn how and where to apply their colors. The gray tones act as a guide to help select the proper colors to achieve authentic looking skin tones and hair texture. By using this technique over time, learning where to place lights and darks will become second nature. There are no heavy lines to cover up, so colored pages will look realistic and polished in the end! The detailed images filled with ethereal faces, fantasy costumes, birds, butterflies, flowers and mushrooms will inspire you while encouraging you to become a better portrait artist! 

This stunning book features:



Printed on 60# paper with premium color inks - the BEST QUALITY available through Amazon


Downloadable color-toned versions of TWO pages, a downloadable Color-Organizer Chart, GREYSCALE TIPS and other goodies – for purchasers only – all available online! Use the BLUE code on a back page near the END of the book


Need inspiration? There are YouTube videos with links inside


Most pages are lightly shaded, and never too dark! A few pages offer more detailed skin tone definition and background elements


From beginner to advanced! Teenagers and moms will love it!


Colored pencils work easily. Markers and gel pens may be used with blotter pages underneath


Great for practicing skin tones! For Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day...or "just because" for creative friends and family!


Are you a beginner? "Follow the Gray"! You'll likely better understand how shading works, improve your coloring skills and ultimately be amazed by your own accomplishments!

The Secrets of Coloring 2 |  April 2019



THE SECRETS OF COLORING 2: Step-by-Step Tutorials and Tricks of the Trade from a Professional Illustrator

Next Level Coloring – Take Your Skills Up Another Notch! ** 36 Tutorials Plus Mini-Tutorials Will Have You Coloring Like a Pro! **


MORE, MORE, MORE Step-By-Step Tutorials! 36 Full Tutorials + Many Mini-Lessons and Color Variations: Rich Black Background; Starry Sky Background; Radial Circle Backdrop; Green Haze; 2 Different Ways to Use Peachy Pink for Backgrounds; Smokey Bokeh; Chocolate Easter Bunny; Foil Egg; Shimmery Candy Cane, Pearlized Lollipop, Transparent Heart Lollipop, Candy Corn, Candy Heart, Gummy Bear, Patent Leather, Leather, Suede, Holiday Gift Box, Bow & Ornaments; Gingerbread Man; Adding Decorative Elements; Sparkly Fabric Overlay; Dark Brown Eye (and Other Combinations); 4 Skin Tone Varieties; Glowing & Theatrical Portrait Tips, Greyscale Glowing Mushroom, Bird of Paradise Flower, Lovely Luna Moth; Beautiful Betta Fish; Dazzling Dragonfly; Lush Lotus Flower; Water Droplets

  • Featured Guest Tutorials by Lilicence and Coloured_By_Me


  • NEW Ingenious Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Coloring Books and Supplies

  • CONVERSION TO PRISMACOLOR PREMIER Charts from 5 of the Most Popular 72+ Count Budget Brands of Colored Pencils

  • FIFTEEN Single-Sided Practice & Coloring Pages for Use with the Tutorials, Including Toned Paper Coloring Pages

  • Simple Background Ideas

  • Instruction on Light & Shadow

  • *Limited time* BONUS – FREE GIFT of Downloadable White Versions of Several Toned Pages

  • A Downloadable, Customizable Color-Organizer Chart

  • Information on Newest Trends Including: Favored Colored Pencils of Colorists and Mixed Media Supplies

  • Appropriate for All Ages and Different Skill Levels

  • Markers and Gel Pens may Be Used in the Book with Blotter Pages Underneath


Artist and educator, Jennifer Zimmermann, knows how to make the complicated simple! In this newest volume, Jennifer walks you through eye-popping yet surprisingly achievable tutorials each step of the way. Are you looking for creative ideas about color schemes? Or how about ways to fill in backgrounds, using only basic supplies? Do you need more instruction on various skin tones and portraits or on lighting and shadows? Want to know how to make leather look real or to learn the differences between something matte vs. something glossy? How about coloring something transparent vs. opaque? Want to know how to color GREYSCALE pages? It’s all in the book!

There are ingenious time saving hacks...and ideas to save you money in the long run. Read up on choosing colored pencils – including the newest brands and what colorists prefer. There are even color conversions to Prismacolor charts for some popular and more affordable brands of pencils.

There is so much packed into this book: tutorials on animals & insects, flowers & plants, mushrooms, skin tones, eyes, theatrical portrait tips, candy, boots in different styles and fabrics and GREYSCALE coloring! Plus, you will find 15 single-sided practice, line art and greyscale pages that coordinate! As a special gift (for a limited time) you will have exclusive access to BONUS PDF download pages!

Glamourista Adult Coloring Book
Bella Futura |  March 2018

BELLA FUTURA: A Coloring Book of Beauties & Beasts of the Future

Celebrate Strong Women and Captivating Creatures... 

Dazzling Divas and Beautiful Beasts unite! Do you love coloring portraits and animals? This unique book combines the two and allows you to master skin tones and fur! 

Take a break from negative aspects of present-day life and color the bright future! A great family activity! 

Use THE FREE DUPLICATE SET of the entire collection of images, on black backgrounds, to share with a friend or to experiment with different mediums or just to practice, practice, practice 


Bella Futura Includes: 


•  25 pages (TWO sets – for a total of 50 pages to color): both black and            white backgrounds of each image! 


•   One colorable “This Book Belongs To” page 

•   Non-perforated, medium weight, 8.5 x 11” paper (paperback only)

•   Single-sided to prevent bleeding of markers or pens (paperback only)

•   A letter of permission to make limited copies for your own, personal                         use 

•   A coloring chart to help you keep track of your own pencil swatches                         and schemes 

•   Bonus – free gift of several additional exclusive digital downloads with                   purchase of book 

•  Appropriate for all ages and different skill levels 

Sample Pages
Glamourista Adult Coloring Book

Try it FREE!

All of the tutorials in Secrets are set up
step-by-step just like this!

By downloading these files, you are agreeing to the terms on the Freebies page. Sharing of uncolored images and distribution is a violation of copyright law. 

-Prismacolor Premier:
916, 1002, 943, 1082, 935, 1065, 140
-Kneaded eraser to lighten (optional)
-Mono Zero eraser pen for mistakes (optional)
-Uniball Signo white gel pen
- Black waterproof pen 

You may substitute any brand of colored pencil. Here are approximate equivalents for Schpirerr Farben pencils (although they are not exact) if you prefer oil-based and are on a budget.

016, 078 or 013, 021, 054, 033, 073


The Secrets of Coloring |  November 2017

THE SECRETS OF COLORING: Tutorials and Tricks of the Trade from a Professional Illustrator


• Information on Essential Supplies and the Newest Trends                           Including:Coloring, Drawing, and Mixed Media Tools PLUS Toned             Paper and Stamping Tools For Background Effects

• Techniques to Improve Your Coloring and Drawing Skills

• Time-Saving Tips and Clever Ideas To Get the Most Out of Your                 Coloring Books and Supplies

• Numerous Step-By-Step Tutorials on Coloring Faceted and                         Cabochon Gems, Pearls, Glimmering Ruby Slipper, Skin Tones,        Animal Features, Plants, Backgrounds and More!

• Non-Perforated, Medium Weight, 8.5 x 11” Paper

• ELEVEN – Single-Sided Coloring Pages for Use with the Tutorials,             Including THREE First-of-Their-Kind, Pre-Printed, Toned Paper                   Coloring Pages

• BONUS – FREE GIFT of More Coloring Pages! White Versions and             TracingGuides (Slipper and Beetle) – All Digital Downloads                          with Book Purchase

• A Printed, Color-Organizer Chart for Your Specific Supplies PLUS a         Downloadable Color-Organizer Chart

• Appropriate for All Ages and Different Skill Levels

• Relaxing and Stress-Relieving


Have you recently discovered coloring and your creative side? Perhaps you're a beginner and you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw and color realistically, but haven’t had the confidence? Are you an intermediate colorist looking to refine your coloring pages and make them look finished? Learn new mixed media techniques, improve your coloring and drawing skills, and increase the WOW factor!

The Secrets of Coloring is a book for everyone! Using her teaching background, Jennifer Zimmermann has broken down illustrators’ techniques into easy, manageable steps for beginners and beyond – so that you can achieve your creative goals.

The Secrets of Coloring is filled with information on coloring and drawing basics, terminology, tools and trends. Discover time-saving tips and simplified step-by-step tutorials on how to color and create numerous sparkly gems, glimmering slippers, shiny metals, otherworldly backgrounds, plants, and animal features. You’ll also find in-depth lessons on skin tones and components of the face.

In addition to tips and tutorials, this guide is comprised of places to practice techniques, PLUS eleven single-sided line art pages on which to create masterpieces with your new skills. There is also a custom color organizer chart to coordinate color swatches using your favorite tools. As a gift, you will also have exclusive access to bonus PDF download pages. 

Glamourista Adult Coloring Book


Glamourista |  November 2016

Glamourista: Fashion, beauty, dazzling gems and animal jewels, elegant updos and flowing tresses, plus fun accessories! Twenty-five original, hand-drawn and digitally recreated, single-sided pages feature fashion-forward, stylish illustrations for you to color. Included is a DUPLICATE SET of the entire collection of images to share with a friend or to experiment with different mediums!




• 25 pages + 1 bonus page
(TWO sets – a total of 52 pages to color)




• One colorable “This Book Belongs To” page

• Non-perforated, medium weight, 8.5 x 11” paper

• Single-sided to prevent bleeding of markers or pens

• Bonus – free gift of additional exclusive digital downloads
  with purchase of book

• Appropriate for all ages and different skill levels

• Relaxing and stress-relieving

Take a coloring journey through time — Where strong, glamorous women dominate every decade. Each sequential drawing is Influenced by the fashion of that time. Beginning with the rise of Modernism in the early part of the 20th century – these pages are inspired by the screen sirens of the “Roaring Twenties”, as well as beautiful feminine faces from the 1930’s and 1940’s. There are plenty of feather boas and Art Deco jewels to keep you busy. Moving into the mid-century era of the 1950’s through 1970’s, this time is signified by accessories from cat eye glasses and scarves to peasant tops and flowing hair. 


Finally, the last section of Glamourista highlights the “Big 80’s”, the 90’s and now. The last two decades of the 20th century were all about fun – the illustrations are over the top with geometric patterns and oversized jewelry. The featured trends of the the present include street fashion, sparkling jewels, fashion styling derived from cultures around the world, and inspiration from haute couture! Colored pencils are recommended, but markers may be used with blotter pages or card stock placed beneath.

Free Sample Page from Glamourista
Glowdalas & More |  May 2017
Glamourista Adult Coloring Book

Take a coloring break and reduce stress levels while improving your level of mindfulness! Do something enjoyable, creative and healing for yourself. Colored pencils are highly recommended. Using cardstock underneath your pages with wet media such as markers, gel pens and fine liners is an easy way to avoid bleed-through. Get your glow on!! Check out the Tips & Tricks tab for special techniques to use with Glowdalas & More!

Glowdalas and More


Break out the fineliners, highlighters and gel pens!!!

Relax with 40+ single-sided original pages featuring stylish and satisfying illustrations to color. Included in this collection are therapeutic mandalas, repeating patterns and designs. Both traditional white backgrounds and "midnight" black background "Glowdalas"...glowing mandalas and pattern designs. Test out colors first using one of the Color Organizer pages. As a gift, there is also a code for exclusive access to bonus PDF downloads, coloring tips and video tutorials.




• 40 pages of luminous Glowdalas, hypnotic mandalas and stress-relieving patterns with both traditional white backgrounds and "midnight" black backgrounds


• One colorable “This Book Belongs To” page

• One colorable title page

• Two colorable chapter divider pages

• Three "Color Organizer" test pages

• Non-perforated, medium weight, 8.5 x 11” paper

• Single-sided to prevent bleeding of markers or pens

• Bonus – free gift of additional exclusive
  digital downloads with purchase of book

• Appropriate for all ages and different skill levels

• Relaxing and stress-relieving

Free Sample Page from Glamourista
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